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The altcoins have introduced itself with a lot of options in the market. Now in the large ocean, how are you going to find your bunch of coins which will generate wealth for you? Investors who earn their major incomes from cryptocurrencies have invested mainly in bitcoins. Once bitcoins achieved success and popularity, there were entries of other alternative cryptocurrencies. 

There are different ways to trade a cryptocurrency with the help of numerous algorithms. Always look for 5 factors before purchasing any cryptocurrency.

Retail validity: Know where your cryptocurrency is purchased as well as accepted. Know if you can exchange it too

Consensus Method: Verification methods are supposed to be double checked all the time

Trading volume: Daily trading volumes are very important. 

Financial freedom is what the whole world is craving for. The achievement for this golden trophy is proper planning and investments. You might decide to stick with one stream or go forward with having multiple stream incomes. To choose the right option you need to analyze the economic challenges and choose the right thing. 


  • Cryptocurrencies or altcoins are digital money. it is in form of coins or tokens and is stored in digital wallets.
  • The world of cryptocurrencies has expanded to such an extent that it has taken over the world of finance. After bitcoins, people are flooding to invest or create something with cryptocurrencies. 
  • Bitcoins is still the leader of this pack. 
  • Ethereums and altcoins like these are used for other enterprise solutions as well. 


The market consists of more than four thousand altcoins and if you want to invest in something other than bitcoin then studying each an every cryptocurrency is going to take you your whole life. Hence this article will clear out some of the best cryptocurrencies found out by reading major expert analysis and research. 





Bitcoin standing at the top of the chain, Ethereum backs the second spot. It is a widely known cryptocurrency. The recent FUD issues around this currency did not make the currency take a dip. There is no reason for you have doubt while investing in this currency. The platform is void of any centralized power or control. There is absolutely no chance of attack on the cryptocurrency or its users. Censorship, fraud or third party issues do not exist with ETH. 

Vitalik Buterin had placed the path of Ethereums in the market. A bunch of developers were also behind the development of this currency. He was of the view that blockchains could be used for more than just making a payment. He leveraged the technology and taught the world that, applications can be created THROUGH blockchains. After the DAO issue, ethereum has broken down into 2 parts which are Ethereum and Ethereum classic. 

Ethereum has graced the blockchain ecosystem by its presence. Smart contacts like ETH Futures has attracted a major crowd of app developers and interested a flock of investors globally. Its tender policies make sure that this is going to hit the charts high up. 





Ripple is also one of the best choices your finance dairies could witness. Ripple networks have instant offers and low-cost international payments. Ripple is one of the few cryptocurrencies that permits banks to settle cross border payments in real-time. This step was taken to encourage transparency.


Ripple holds a very unique consensus ledger. The Tokes owned by this cryptocurrency were pre-mined which indicates that there was no creation of Ripple coins but rather a dazzling and dynamic introduction directly into the markets. Ripple has built its popularity and has set itself a considerable position away from bitcoins and other altcoins. 


So far, Ripple has only witnessed success in its journey. It has made itself the most enticing digital currency the market could offer. When it comes to ranking, it is the third-largest cryptocurrency in the overall market cap. It had a market cap of I.2 million dollars. 


However Ripple holds a very unrefined settlement scheme in its payment networks. There are two payment modes which are Ripple transaction protocol and Ripple protocol. 





Monero is one of the untraceable altcoin. It is a focused cryptocurrency. It is private and highly secure. The cryptocurrency was launched in April 2014 and spiked great interest among the markets. Monera has developed its reputation and fame in the markets due to its security assurances. Monera had a market cap of $994 million. Ripple follows a ring signature technology for security.


There are more than thousand altcoins in the cryptocurrency markets. All of them are looking to expand the boundaries of the markets and take it to another level. Altcoins are one of the most influential currencies which are used to achieve this goal.  


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5 of the Best Altcoin Swapping Services

Since the rise of cryptocurrencies many new variaties have evolved in the digital market over the years. Many people have invested in more than one form of crypto and some of them wish to interchange it from one crpto type to another, based on their market value, which is totally logical. Now, if you have to go by the old school method of creating an account for exchange and placing an order every single time , it will be a tedious and long process filled with the repetitive pain of creative multiple accounts, keeping all of them private and secure and… You get the drill! 

To save your time and energy there are multiple crypto swapping platforms out there which perform the task of exchanging  coins for you. Here is the list of the best five converters out there (in no particular order)-


Shapeshift is an crypto swapper which offers a different exchange rate for each coin that changes every 30 seconds based on the current  market conditions. Typically , the miner fee charged by it revolves closely around 0.5%. Shapeshit can exchange cryptocurrencies in 29 categories which include crypto giant BTC, BCH and DAI. Other than that, it also possesses one of the finest interfaces in the digital market. You can have a look at it here..


Founded in 2015, Changelly is one of the well renouned platforms,  which delivers a fixed-rate mechanism to protect users from the risk of market fluctuations during the moments when the tokens are being swapped. Changelly supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and charges only 0.25% for all swaps invariably. To avail this, you have to create an email account but then creating one is less time consuming. Changelly has a partnership with Simpex which allows credit card purchases of cryptocurrency. Recently, the platform launched its own app for iOS. It already had a pre-existing one for Android but also improvised a second edition.  Check it out here is simple, fast and private swapping site which doesn’t require you to register in the website. This means you are saved from the troubles of KYC process. converts almost 30 cryptocurrencies which include BTC, LTC, DAsH and many other altcoins. It retains full privacy so that’s one less thing to worry about. Also, the you have a slight control over the rate of exchange. When you click on the “Flyp now” option, the rate remains constant for some moment post exchange. It is a very reliable converter which checks the market rates as well as the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. They take 0.5% of mostly. Check it here.   


One of the best as well as unique swappers in cryptocurrency world. Users can convert Bitcoins along with hundred other altcoins.  You are allowed to do it anonymously with the best and the most feasible rates. You’ll definitely like it’s user-friendly interface which is also very intuitive as it offers a vast range of crypto pairs. It supports many cryptocurrencies like BTC,  ADA, DASH, ETC etc. 


Swapy offers a good exchange rate without the need to place buy/sell orders manually. It  combines over 10 exchanges to give users more low-cap and low liquidity tokens at current price. Currently, you can swap BTC, ETH and USDT into over 70 different tokens, from XEM and REM to BCH and DASH. You can track all the exchange that takes place in your wallet. Account registration in Swapy will give you access to maximum discount. Check it here

You can choose any of the five mentioned swapping services to have your cryptos converted! You should however check the rate of exchange before swapping once again, just to be sure which site helps you save the most!

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